I am writing this page because I really do dislike ignorance. I have for a long time been aware of the Flat Earth Society. I find it disgusting spreading ignorant ways of thinking that do not promote bettering society. I am surely biased from their view in that I do not trust everything I read or see. I prefer to test things and identify why something is the way it is. I do not think there is benefit in just assuming something is the way it is because. I am not a physics expert, though I probably know more about it than the average person. I have not taken a mathematics class in over a decade. I am in my early 30s and employed as a physician. I do not belong to the UN, NASA, or even the FES. I started this blog after Bobby Ray ignited my passion for education.

I hope to discuss the many things discussed in Flat Earth circles as proof of a flat earth in short blog posts. I will do my best to reply to comments. I do not intend to reply to comments off topic. I may eventually get to new topics someone is passionate about, but discussing the curvature of Earth in a post about gravity seems like an unsustainable process for me.


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