200 Proof: The winds blow in all directions…sort of

I apologize for my long time off. Unfortunately, I have a job, a family, and hobbies account for much of my time. If it wasn’t for a recent comment by anotherguy, I would probably have been longer away. Shall we resume?

30) In his book “South Sea Voyages,” Arctic and Antarctic explorer Sir James Clarke Ross, described his experience on the night of November 27th, 1839 and his conclusion that the Earth must be motionless: “The sky being very clear … it enabled us to observe the higher stratum of clouds to be moving in an exactly opposite direction to that of the wind--a circumstance which is frequently recorded in our meteorological journal both in the north-east and south-east trades, and has also often been observed by former voyagers…”

First, I am unable to find the listed reference to review the original text. It is a fact that Sir Ross was an explorer of the poles and did venture to the antarctic in 1839.

Second, air obeys the laws of fluid dynamics. The density of air decreases at higher altitudes in both the flat earth and ball earth theories. I’m not quite sure why only a flat earth would allow different layers of fluid to move relative to one another, but this seems to be the point of proof #30. Wind is air movement and is caused by heating and cooling in the most simplistic terms. Air in one place is warmed and rises. Air in another place is cooled and falls. The cold falling air moves toward the areas of heated air, rises, and creates a circuit. In general, this would cause the wind on the ground to move in different directions than the ground. However, in the real ball world, there are many more variables at play, creating all of the weather features we know.

200 proof 30.png



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