200 Proof: Inertia

Let me apologize for not being active for awhile. It is not because I came to terms with a flat Earth. Instead, I have been too busy with my life. Even so I have been studying gravity, playing chess, and traveling. Back to proofs.

20) If Earth were truly constantly spinning Eastwards at over 1000mph, vertically-fired cannonballs and other projectiles should fall significantly due west. In actual fact, however, whenever this has been tested, vertically-fired cannonballs shoot upwards an average of 14 seconds ascending, 14 seconds descending, and fall back to the ground no more than 2 feet away from the cannon, often directly back into the muzzle.

Much like how Newton’s Three Laws are really Two Laws of Motion; this is one of the arguments that is often repeated. To refresh: 1) an object in motion will stay in motion unless it is acted on by a force; 2) acceleration is equal to force divided by an object’s mass; and 3) for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This test can also be performed on a train. If a person throws a ball directly vertically it will fall to the ground directly below where it fell from the reference frame of a train passenger. However, if the same ball was viewed from a person watching the train pass by, the ball would move forward with the drain and appear to have a motion described by a parabola.

proof 20-vertical ball from train

While it would look like the person threw the ball vertically up and down. If you change your reference frame to a “stationary” person next to the train tracks, the person would appear to have thrown the ball forward at the velocity of the train.

proof 20-vertical ball from tracks

Crazier still is to imagine the reference frame of a person falling off a cliff watching someone throw a ball vertically. It would appear to continue to move upward with constant velocity relative to that falling person. This idea is what separates general relativity from Newtonian relativity.


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